Santa Fe community honors victims and survivors with candlelight vigil

It was a day of healing and remembrance in Galveston County, as Saturday marks one year since the shooting at Santa Fe high school that killed eight students, two teachers, and injured 13 others.

Saturday was officially marked as Resiliency Day Remembering Angels.

"From Santa Fe Strong, to Santa Fe Stronger," said Jason Tabor, Mayor of Santa Fe. "It's not a race, going to be a long marathon."

Hundreds came together in and around Santa Fe to mark one year since 10 lives were lost, 13 were injured, and countless left heartbroken when a gunman opened fire at Santa Fe high school.

"I'm so proud of everyone, it’s been a really hard year," said Erin Wener, a Santa Fe High School junior. "I can’t even put it into words. It’s a feeling. I know they’re proud."

"We all matured quickly and we all grew such great bonds together," said Jorge Ramos, a Santa Fe High School senior. "So I’m proud to say Santa Fe High School is my family."

"Everybody here I think did best they can and this community has really stood up and really stuck to that Santa Fe strong," said Claussen. "He would have more gratitude I think for the people who are trying to help that he cared about today, more so than honoring him."

The day ended with a prayer vigil, a bell sounded to remember each angel.