Sandra Bland's mother moves to Waller County to fulfill mission

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Veal says, "As I continue to tell people, this is the type of place you bring somebody to die."

It is where her daughter died two years ago after being stopped by a State Trooper near Prairie View.

Bland's death in the jail was ruled a suicide.

Veal was at the detention center to collect Bland's personal effects from that day in July when she was arrested.

"The dress she wore ... and her very valid license which was a personal thing," says Veal.

But since her daughters's death, Veal says she has been charged with a mission - a crusade of sorts - from God.

She says that's to insure no one else dies at the hands of a law enforcement officer in Texas.

So how does an Illinois resident do that in Waller County?

Veal says, "I'm a Texas resident now. I'm here and it's on."

Veal says the death of her daughter has made her stronger and given her a bigger purpose in life which now includes advocacy.

"All Sandra did was pass the baton," says Veal.