Roof caves in on elderly Harvey victim

There's no doubt about it 78-year-old Ruben Austin Powell is a man of God.

"He's a deacon at the church," Powell's daughter Pamela Burrell said. "He's always going out doing services in the community."

At 10 a.m. every morning Powell sits in this chair in his bedroom and conducts a prayer line.

He and others pray for loved ones lost souls and the entire country for that matter.

But Friday's discussion with God would be like no other.

The ceiling came crashing down on top of him.

"It kind of knocked me out a little bit before I realized what happened," Powell said. "Debris insulation everything was everywhere,"

His daughter said. The ceiling didn't stop Powell when it came to his prayer time.

He went right back to the prayer line and continued to pray.

"Because I wouldn't let the devil out do me," Powell said.

Getting help repairing his Harvey damaged home has been difficult for the deacon.

He says his foundation was starting to shift before the big storm and Harvey's floodwaters made it even worse.

"FEMA did come out on two different occasions," Burrell said. "They checked the rooms out and told him to contact his insurance company."

But Powell says the insurance company won't help because he doesn't have flood coverage.  

"I'll just pray that someone will help me," Powell said.