Reward increases to $50,000 for help finding Jazmine Barnes' killer

The murder of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes is making waves across the country and has sparked a reward now worth $50,000 for help catching her killer.

Police have been asking people in Houston to be look out for the red pickup truck the suspect was driving and to come forward with anything they may remember. Now the shooting has the grabbed the attention of civil rights activists who are offering up big money for any information. The reward was at $35,000 Tuesday night but increased to $50,000 on Wednesday.

Barnes was shot and killed Sunday morning in northeast Harris County while she was in a car with her mom and three sisters. The community is being asked to help.

"As defenseless as people feel we're just asking everyone to share, share it on their news feed, follow Shaun King, follow myself, share the details as that's coming out," says civil rights attorney and activist Lee Merritt.

If you do know anything you can contact civil rights activist Shaun King directly by email or contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office: