Residents still concerned about health impact of ITC fire

It’s now three days that flames have taken over the ITC facility in La Porte. The smoke coming from it can be seen for miles, and still has residents in the area on edge, but they have to go about their daily lives.

“Nobody's coming outside, everybody is staying in,“ Billy Williamson says.

His Pasadena neighborhood is like a ghost town. Kids are staying inside, and normal outdoor activities are almost nonexistent. He says he's seen black ash on his cars, and he hasn't been feeling well.

"At night, you can really smell it. Your throat starts getting scratchy, you’re coughing, headache stuff like that," he said. 

We found one grandfather who didn’t want to keep his granddaughters cooped up all day. We asked if he was concerned.

"Yes I am, but these are kids. They don’t understand everything that’s happening. All they want to do is come have fun at the playground, and they are having a great time, but yes I am concerned." he tells FOX 26.

Some golfers at the Battleground driving range didn’t seem concerned about spending a couple of hours in the outdoors. Richard Gonzalez, a Deer Park resident, says, “Initially, I thought about that there may be some concern because of the smoke and the direction it was coming. It wasn’t really coming this way so much, but other than that I guess being that there were a few other people out here it wasn’t like it was a big concern.”

Today things are okay, and air quality reports continue to come back negative.

Though others are fearful for what the future holds.

"What the health effects are? You know, from my animals, my mom lives with me. She’s, you know, 60-something years old, you know. That’s the main thing," said Williamson.

Some of the people we spoke with said they were making appointments with their doctor just to be on the safe side. If you are experiencing any dizziness, nausea, or heavy coughing, you’re encouraged to contact your doctor.