Residents return home after flooding in Simonton

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More than a week after residents and business owners were forced to evacuate in Simonton, many of them have returned, but the homecoming was not a pleasant one.

It was a difficult first day for clean up since the water supply may be contaminated, but it was also very difficult emotionally for anyone who returned to see the damage that was left behind from the flood waters.

Area businesses lost everything and it could be weeks before they reopen. Racheal Reyes of Fred Reyes Greenhouses lost her sole source of income for the time being, but her family remains positive that they will bounce back.

"Just being here again after ten days of being gone was just, it was a beautiful feeling, even surrounded by this much devastation it was beautiful to be home." said Reyes.

Simonton Community Church is offering dinner every day this week from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m and childcare for residents who need it.