Quanell X tours Harris County jail after inmate dies

About 50 or so of Vincent Young's family and friends met outside of the Harris County Jail Sunday afternoon.

Quanell X was allowed to tour the jail cell where Young allegedly committed suicide Monday, February 13. The Harris County Sheriffs Office first reported Young's death at 7:10 pm when deputies were doing a cell check and found him hanging by a bed sheet.

Medical crews gave him CPR until he was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Family members say Young had been to jail on several occasions and they say he was a victim of assaults and threats behind bars. Representatives from the Harris County Sheriffs Office say Young was transported to the hospital at least once before his death but have declined to say what for.

Quanell X was allowed to go inside and see the jail cell where Vincent Young died.

"I'm not saying that it is impossible that somebody could not hang themselves but I looked and tried four different scenarios four different ways based on what I know to be truth about how he was found in his cell and right now I'm extremely uncomfortable because I don't see how he could have did it," says Quanell X.

Family says they will have a second independent medical examiner conduct an autopsy as well.