PTSD survivor helps special needs PTSD sufferer who was Tased at school

A follow up to a story you saw First On FOX after a special needs teen was Tased at a Katy Independent School District campus. A woman who survived the Boston Marathon bombing is coming to the teen's rescue to help him with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Jevon Washington’s mother says her son's PTSD is so severe, as his classmates enjoyed a party, he missed class. Jevon was sitting at home instead because the big bash was at the police station and since being Tased, she says Jevon fears all officers will hurt him.           

The video of the incident is heartbreaking. The 18-year-old special needs student is Tased seven times at Mayde Creek High School after he tried to walk outside for air, which was allowed as part of his specialized school plan. 

Jevon's mother says since that day in 2016, he won't leave home. 

"Like when you and I were growing up, we didn’t have police at the churches, grocery stores, regular stores, movies," explains Lori Washington. "He doesn’t go to anything.”

Another woman from the Houston area has lived a similar nightmare with her son. 

"I remember a time when he wouldn't leave the house because he was so scared to go out and interact with the world, but because he got proper treatment, he's able to be a happy, healthy 11-year-old now," explains Rebekah Gregory, who survived the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. "He was 5 at the time.”

Gregory lost her leg in the explosion, but ultimately gained the strength to launch Rebekah's Angels Foundation, which offers PTSD treatment using specific neuroscience that keeps traumatic memories from haunting. 

"Those memories play like a movie reel," adds Gregory. "The trauma you're exposed to, those are the memories that play over and over and over. When you have PTSD, you're in this fight-or-flight mode all the time." She is treating Jevon and Lori to Orlando, Florida for the program.

"If I had 10,000 tongues, I couldn’t thank them enough," adds Lori with a smile. "If I had 10,000 arms, I couldn’t hug them enough.” This will be the teen's first time on a plane, making him, "1,000 percent nervous because I’ve never been to the airport," says Jevon. "I know I’m going to mess up on the one that checks the metal and things like that. I’m going to be nervous on that one.” 

Jevon's mother is a little nervous as well because of Jevon’s fear now of officers and what place has more police than airports? 

"But God is good because this is something Jevon needs and I’m pretty sure God didn’t bring us this far to leave us," says Lori.

"We really would love for Jevon to leave Orlando next week and really just have a new excitement for life," says Gregory.

"I want him to do well in this program so that we can try to get him a job in the workforce, try to put his life back together so he can be a functioning adult," explains Lori.

Jevon will have the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Orlando or Walt Disney World, but he says he's most excited about the beach. The teen mentally functions as a 9-year-old although he can't read or write. The family has filed a lawsuit against Katy ISD. The district says it doesn't comment on pending litigation but adds that students' safety is its priority.