Project adding an artistic Sparq to Houston bridges


Panels after panels, around 400 as a matter of fact, together create a pixelated art installation that can be seen by anyone traveling along the Eastex Freeway.

"They stick their thumbs up, thumbs out, they wave, so I think they really like it," says Alexander Delacruz with Sparq1200, the company that made the panels. "it gives a different perspective of scenery. Folks drive by everyday back and forth." 

Delacruz is one of four men working to weave these if the plastic panels into the chain link fence across Tuam Street, a project to beautify the downtown Houston highway corridor.

"Houston First, then it was approved by TxDDT, we were told to come out and install it", says Delacruz.

From one side, you see a green mosaic pattern, the other side is a bit more multicolored.

"I think it looks good", says Carmen Aguilar after she drove past it.

"It really captures everything about Houston," says another driver Andrew Nunnery. "Houston is very overlooked as an arts city, so I'm really proud that we have a lot of public art."

Once the bridge is complete, the group will be moving onto McGowen Street and then to six other bridges, all going towards downtown Houston.

"It actually turned out to be real, real nice," says Alex Santana, another installer. "I think it will be real, real nice once we finish all the bridges." 

The entire project is expected to be completed in June 2017.