Prayer answered for 78-year-old man whose ceiling fell on his head

In a First on FOX story, you learned about 78-year-old Ruben Austin Powell, who was conducting his daily prayer line when his bedroom ceiling came crashing down on the church deacon’s head.

“It kind of knocked me out a little bit before I realized what had happened,” said Powell. He wasn’t seriously hurt, but had no idea how he was going to repair the ceiling.

Powell explained that the foundation was starting to shift and Hurricane Harvey made it worse.

When Powell went to FEMA, he was told it was an insurance matter, but since he didn’t have flood coverage, his insurance company pointed him back to FEMA.

“I’ll just pray that someone will help me,’ replied Powell when asked what was he going to do.

.“Me and my husband were watching and I just felt in my heart to help,” said Lollie Jean.

When it comes to problems brought on by Hurricane Harvey, Jean can relate.

“We had four feet of water,” added Jean. “We got blessed. I feel like I should help somebody out too.”

Jean’s Painting Company, which has been in business for forty years, sprang into action. The staff is repairing Powell’s ceiling at no charge.

“And today is one of the ways we would like to celebrate our 40th anniversary," said Jean’s daughter Jamie Primeaux. “No better way to celebrate than to give back.”

Powell would never underestimate the power of prayer.

“As sure as I’m standing here, they done already answered it,” said Powell. Lollie Jean and her family-owned company can take credit for that.

“I thank you all for getting this good help here," said Powell. “Unbelievable.”