Positively Houston: Mayor gives homeless man a home

Thousands of people are estimated to live on the streets of Houston. But there is one less homeless person today.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has helped about 6,000 homeless Houstonians find homes, and one homeless man received a house today.

”We are here to support you and stand by you every step of the way,” smiled Mayor Turner while handing Joseph a welcome mat.

Joseph was homeless for years after losing his job, living in an encampment on the streets of Third Ward.

”It was a long two years that I was out there. I've seen a whole lot, went through a whole lot,” says Joseph.  

Mayor Turner teamed up with several others to provide Joseph his own home in an East Houston apartment complex.

”This location, this home is built and developed by New Hope Housing. SEARCH Homeless Services provides the services. This building was financed by the Housing Community Development Department of the City of Houston. His rent is being helped paid for by the Houston Housing Authority,” explains Marc Eichenbaum with the City of Houston’s Homeless Initiative. 

”I've always said the city is a city of hope and aspiration and opportunity and this is one of those very special days,” adds the mayor. 

Before the fences were put up around the encampment underneath Highway 59 there were droves of people who lived in tents there on the streets of Third Ward.

Mayor Turner says the ultimate goal is to make sure all of Houston’s homeless have homes.

”It's about providing housing and opportunity because along with housing comes opportunity,” says the mayor. 

”Our goal is that no one, absolutely no one will be without permanent housing for more than 30 days,” says Interim CEO of Coalition for the Homeless of Houston Mike Nichols.

Joseph is offering this to others who feel hopeless as he once did and who are still where he once was.

”Ask advice from the right people and just stay in prayer. God brought me here”.