Popular toy gift ideas you can find in stores before Christmas

Christmas is three days away. This year's hottest toys, the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are hard to find.

If you're panicking about finding other toys your kids will like, and actually getting them under the tree in time, The Toy Insider has released its Holiday Gift Guide 2020.

Laurie Schacht, with toy testing and review site The Toy Insider, says they found kids are crazy for the Ryan’s World Super Spy Ryan’s Mystery Mission Case, for kids 3 and up.


"The whole thing this year was about spies and the spy mystery case. Inside are mystery figures. To open it up, first, you have to figure out the code, just to unlock it," said Schacht.  

Their toy testers found toys that teach social responsibility are popular this year, such as the Kindness Club Dolls.

"There are seven dolls in this collection, three different skin tones, but it's all about their message. These girls have big hearts, they have big dreams, and their message is all about being kind to everyone, being respectful to everyone," said Schacht, showing us the dolls.

If you're on a tight budget, Schacht says Junk Boxes run from $5 to $20. 

"Inside these tins, you have a carton of old eggs, you'll get garbage bags kids will open up. And what they're going to do is build all these crazy whacky robots.  Here's an old washing mchine," said Schacht.

The Toy Insider says little ones like riding on the Flex Cart. 

"It is a motorized vehicle for kids as young as two years old. They get on it, it goes a whopping two miles an hour, just fast enough parents can still keep up. It's a great ride. The kids love it," she said.

And if you're looking for educational or STEM toys, there's the Speak and Learn Puppy and Botley 2.0, The Coding Robot that teaches kids how to code.

"You can put 150 different consecutive codes into Botley and then put Botley on a course, an obstacle course to get around, so they can see if they've coded it correctly," explained Schacht.  

You'll find more reviews of toys on The Toy Insider's Holiday Gift Guide 2020.