Popular Houston bar owners at the heart of a civil sexual assault case

A popular Houston bar is at the heart of a civil lawsuit that involves sexual assault.

One of the managing partners and owners of the wildly popular midtown bar Pub Fiction is being accused of secual assault. 

In addition to Fidan Baca, one of the owners of the pub, Sean Kerrigan, is being accused.

A female bartender who worked at Pub Fiction also says she was sexually assaulted at the time by Kerrigan. Kerrigan also worked as a bartender at the pub.

According to the civil suit in 2016, Bacan and Kerrigan asked the female bartender to go to a nightclub with them after her shift. While in the car on the way to the nightclub, the female bartender says she was sexually assaulted by the two men.

Kerrigan was also indicted and accused of drugging and sexually assaulting another female while he worked as a bartender at Brennan's in Houston. But before he could face justice for the Pub Fiction case and the alleged Brennan's assault, the lawsuit says he committed suicide.

As for the owner of Pub Fiction, Fidan Baca, the lawsuit alleges he fled the country to escape prosecution.