Police: Woman was running down road naked in the rain with naked child

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Neighbors didn't know what to think when they saw a naked woman running down the street in the pouring rain with a naked 4-year-old boy in tow.  Police officers were dispatched to Spindletop Drive in Cobb County after receiving reports last week. 

Police said 39-year-old Menna Giday was yelling at the child and grabbing his face. Officers said she then tried to get the little boy to lie down in the street. 

"Witnesses stated the female had placed a necklace with beads and a cross pendant in the child's mouth and was trying to get the child to lay in the middle of the roadway during the rain," said Cobb County Police Officer Sarah O'Hara. 

Police tried to restrain the woman, but say she broke free from her handcuffs and started hitting the officer. 

"She spat on him, hit him, elbowed him. She'll have a simple battery charge against a police officer," said Officer O'Hara. 

Meanwhile, neighbors tried to comfort the 4-year old who they said was scared and cold. They got him something to eat and some clothes. 

"They got him in some Spiderman pajamas and some shoes that fit him," said neighbor Frank Sparti.

Police said Giday put two children in jeopardy. Officers said while she was outside in the rain with the 4-year-old, there was an 18-month-old girl in the house alone for at least two hours.  

Child Protective Services were called in and the children were placed with a family member. 

"I'm just glad the neighbors did something, they didn't turn a blind eye and the kids are safe," said neighbor Tao Mosley.