Police add rifles, bomb-sniffing dogs at airports during holidays

Both Hobby and Bush Intercontinental airports are beefing up security as the holiday season begins. Both airports have added additional officers equipped with AR-15 rifles.

Officers began carrying the rifles on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Houston Police Department Sergeant Robert Garza said holiday travelers can expect to continue seeing the high power firearms through the end of the year.

“It’s a greater advantage or a tactical advantage when dealing with other individuals who may be dealing with utilizing the same weapon," said Sgt. Garza. "We’re basically trying to match the fire power that they have, whether it’s domestic or international terrorism, we’re prepared to handle something of that nature.”

Both airports have added additional bomb-sniffing dogs during the holidays.

The Transportation Security Administration has also added a new carry-on baggage security procedure for the 2017 holiday season. All electronics that are larger than cell phones must be placed in separate bins for screening. That measure is in full effect at Hobby Airport. It is currently being phased in at Bush Airport.