Poisoned pet found wrapped in bloody blanket

A blood soaked blanket and puppy were found in a ditch off FM-3346, between 359 and 159, outside of Hempstead on Sunday.

“There was so much blood that we figured that he had to be there at least 24 hours and hadn’t moved,” said Ric Damico who was out bicycling when he saw a blanket and what he thought to be black fur.

“He was intentionally put in a ditch and essentially left to die on his own, on the side of a county road," said LaChrystal Ricke who is a friend of Damico's and Founder of the animal rescue nonprofit in Conroe known as Reggie's Friends.

Somehow the three to four month old puppy had ingested rat poisoning.

“All of the blood on the blanket, all of the blood coming out of him was all from rat poison,” said Ricke.

“There was so much in his system. As the vet said, over 410 percent in his blood,” said Damico.

Little Ric, as they call the pup, was rushed to the vet and treated; miraculously released and now recovering at Ricke’s home.

“He’s out of the woods in terms of the initial poisoning, but there’s still a pretty long road of recovery," said Ricke.

It may be a month to 6 weeks before Little Ric can be adopted. He’s still very skinny and has to visit the vet for blood work every couple of days.

“I would like to believe that people didn’t know what the answer was, but ultimately the choice that they made wasn’t the right one," said Ricke.

Ricke says if a pet is too much to handle, reach out to a rescue or post an ad online before doing something so gruesome and cruel to an animal so innocent and dependent.

To learn more about Reggie's Friends and ask about adoption options or even make a donation, Click Here.