Planned Parenthood responds to allegations they profit from body parts

These rallies outside Planned Parenthood are not new or even rare. But this time there is something different. Demonstrators say now they have proof of something they have long suspected, video evidence that Planned Parenthood sells body parts.

"That's all I can tell you. I've seen the two. It's pretty apparent to me that they're selling body parts." said Phocion Park.

The two videos he's talking about were shot by a group called "Center for Medical Progress."  Operatives for the organization posed as research executives and secretly recorded conversations with staffers from planned parenthood.. They claim that the tapes show the operatives and the staffers negotiating the price of various body parts.

Planned Parenthood says that's not true, and the tapes have been highly edited. Using tissue for research is not illegal. What is illegal is to sell tissue for profit. Planned Parenthood contends what's really being discussed is the cost for procuring, storing, and transporting the tissue. The head of Planned Parenthood told ABC news the tapes have been highly edited to give a false impression. That's not what Executive Director of Houston Coalition for Life Christine Melchor says.

"You can see the unedited version online for yourself. They are haggling over the price of the fetal body parts. If there were set amounts for the keeping of bodies of the babies and transporting of the babies they wouldn't be haggling."

Planned Parenthood spokesperson Rochelle Tafolla issued a written statement which reads in part: