Pearland loses game, not fans

The undefeated Pearland Little Leaguers were hit with their first loss of the Little League World Series on Wednesday, losing 3-0 to a team from Pennsylvania. 

With Williamsport being the home of the Little League World Series, that's like playing against the home team. 

Pearland's fans were hundreds of miles away, but there in spirit.  

Fans gathered at Buffalo Wild Wings in Pearland cheering "let's go, Pearland!" right into the 6th inning.  Younger players with dreams of following in their footsteps have faith that Thursday's game will have a different outcome. 

Since this is a double elimination tournament, Wednesday's loss doesn't knock Pearland (the team is called Southwest for the series) out of contention for the big enchilada. 

"I know they can bring it home," said Aidan Sowers, who hopes to be in their cleats one day. 

His pal Trey Baumann said "I want to see coach Solomon shave his head!  He said he'd do that if we win." 

Baumann like many gathered to watch the hometown boys uses "we," because, after all, this is a team effort.