Pearland dog victim of horrific animal cruelty, plastic tie around his snout locking mouth shut

The pup's name is Nicholas and the part Chow mix is lucky to be alive.

Pearland police are trying to determine who abused him so badly.

"I can't even imagine the pain he was in," said Kourtney Crenshaw, programs manager for Houston PetSet.

No living thing should ever be subjected to what Nicholas had to endure.

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On Jan. 11, he was discovered in the parking lot of Hope Church in the 4200 block of Broadway Street with little hope left.

"He seemed kind of depressed and when you would touch him or pet him he would act a little scared," Crenshaw said. 

A good Samaritan found Nicholas with some type of plastic tie wrapped around his snout locking his mouth shut. "He was able to cut everything he thought he seen off the muzzle, but it was continuously getting worse," said Crenshaw.

On Monday the man reached out to Houston PetSet for help.

"I was heartbroken," said Houston PetSet Co-President Tena Lundquist Faust. "I can not imagine the pain that dog had endured and the suffering."


It appears Houston PetSet and Houston K-911 Rescue came to Nicholas's aid in the nick of time.

"He's infected he wasn't able to eat very much he wasn't able to get food into his mouth he probably had weeks at the most," Lundquist-Faust said.

"You could see his teeth his tongue everything from the outside of his mouth," said Crenshaw. "That's how bad the wounds around his muzzle were."

Nicholas is being treated at Prairie View A&M. 

"His spirits have improved they have him on a feeding tube so he's getting nutrition which is really important because he hasn't eaten and he's starting to trust people a little bit," Lundquist-Faust said. "So he's headed in the right direction."

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But the pup still has a long way to go 

Houston PetSet is taking donations for his expensive medical bills.

"It kept me up the first night," said Crenshaw. "His injuries I could not even imagine what he was going through,"

Anyone with information should call Pearland Police or Crime Stoppers. A $5,000 reward is being offered.

To read more about Houston PetSet and the work they do to help animals, visit their website.