Paying it forward, Houstonians volunteer at Houston Food Bank

Vital sustenance for the hungry made more valuable by the blessing of a thoroughly teachable moment.

At Houston's Food Bank hundreds of volunteers, many young, invested their time and labor into the ongoing struggle to keep Houston stomachs from going empty.

"It's just so heartwarming to see everyone care about the people in our city and it makes me so happy," said Catherine Fang a participant in the Student Heroes Program.

A daily mission to minimize misery led by the Houston Food Bank which this year alone served more than 800,000 citizens, many of them children

"No matter how the economy looks, that number has remained the same over the last five years, specifically during this week when kids lose access to breakfast, lunch and sometimes super at school. The need during Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday is at its greatest," said Nicole Lander, spokesperson for the HFB.

While the need is great, so is the counter balancing gratitude, a force of benevolence that's drawing young and old alike to fill bags, pack boxes and do for others what they too often struggle to do for themselves.

On this day Dr. Cyprian Dike of the People's Club of Nigeria delivered a $500 donation which will generate 1,500 meals

"Thanksgiving is a symbolic day to give thanks for what God has done for us and what we have gotten from this good country," said Dike.

The human willingness to pay blessings forward. It is the sustaining fuel of our city's Food Bank where Houstonians truly become their "brother's keeper."

"I think I'll continue to come here and continue to volunteer. The way they've helped me, I want to able to give that back," said Stephen Duran, a culinary intern at HFB.

 HFB says there are plenty of volunteer shifts open throughout the holiday season.