Pasadena teen says she was wrongly expelled

There's one face you won't see among the students getting out of Memorial High School these days, the one that belongs to Jazmin Garcia. She says she got thrown out after she fell ill in class.

"My head started hurting and I was dizzy. Two assistant principals came and took me to the nurse," she said.

They next thing she knew she was talking to Pasadena ISD police. She says they searched her for drugs. They also made her do a field sobriety test. One of her attorneys says they should've called an ambulance instead.

"What did you expect her to do a song and dance? It was a self fulfilling prophecy. They were looking for drugs. They wanted to find drugs and when they didn't, they punished her for having drugs anyway," said Attorney Gene Wu.

She went immediately and had a drug screening that came back negative. Nevertheless within days she had been expelled and sent to an alternative school.

Pasadena ISD sent us a statement about the incident that reads in part. "Regrettably the information that has been presented here is not accurate in multiple ways. Pasadena ISD is unable to comment on any individual student discipline in accordance with the law."

However her family is not giving up. They just filed an appeal and hope to get Jazmin a new committee hearing.

"Hopefully they will see what we see. Just look at the evidence. No drugs. She was merely dizzy and had a headache. She should've gone to the hospital," said attorney Randall Kalinen.

The hearing should be within five days.