Parents' secret to looking, feeling younger

We are letting you in on the secret growing in popularity that’s keeping people looking and even feeling younger.

A needle going into your face doesn’t seem pleasant at all, but statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show Botox and fillers are the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

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Ages 40-54 is the age group representing the greatest percentage using Botox and filler.

"Sometimes when you are pulled in a lot of different directions, you aren’t getting the full eight hours of sleep. It wasn’t really about ‘I want to look different.’ It’s just kind of want to preserve that fresh look and feel more confident even when you are tired and even when you are stressed," said Ashley Rutherford, who is a parent and elementary school teacher.

"Nobody wants to have to play trial and error when it comes to an injectable. I think going to someone and doing your research, and finding someone who the aesthetics of what they are putting out there in their social media looks like something you feel comfortable with, and then just getting in front of them and letting them know your goals," said Rutherford who goes to The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Montrose.

"My goal is to enhance your beauty. It is not to make you look different," said Kristine Deal, a nurse injector at The Oaks Plastic Surgery. "More people do it than don’t. I think people don’t like to talk about it. I have a lot of clients where their husbands don’t know. It is about prevention too. Trying to prevent the wrinkles, trying to prevent volume loss, like the sagging of your skin. More people do it than you think."

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It looks painful, but a numbing cream is used. The cost can go from $500 and up.

"For fillers, it’s three days of swelling up to two weeks. Botox, neurotoxins, all of those. Really the next day, you are fine," said Deal.

Then there is the more invasive that is more popular among moms than ever.

"I do a ton of mommy makeovers. Whether that be breast area, tummy area, a little bit of lipo," said Dr. Danielle Andry, a plastic surgeon. "A lot of moms feel like they have lost their identity after they had kids because they’ve changed their bodies completely. They don’t feel confident anymore, they have some extra skin. There’s laxity in their breasts from breastfeeding and so it really helps that boost back, that confidence back, that they feel like they kind of lost when they had those kids."


The mommy makeover costs thousands of dollars depending on treatment. There are many places out there offering the services, but you have to be careful because people do get scammed. The best advice is to do your research and go to a reputable place.