'Parents for CCISD Special Education Reform' puts up a billboard on I-45

A group of concerned parents of special needs children in Clear Creek ISD are raising awareness.

The group formed only two months ago and already has more than 150 members. They put up a billboard on I-45 letting people know they're protesting at the school board meeting on May 21.

Members say they gathered evidence of abuse and mistreatment of special needs students. The superintendent met with them about those concerns two weeks ago.

"There's been mistreatment of children, they've been abused," says Marta Brain, a parent of a special needs student. "There's been children that have been placed in solitary confinement, for hours at a time in some cases. Locked in closets. There's been restraint. There's been children that show up from school with unexplained bruising."

"They're putting out there some pretty significant and severe allegations against the school district of abuse, neglect and corrupt behavior," says Elaina Polse with Clear Creek ISD. "And that absolutely is what they're putting up there on billboards, that's what they're putting up there on social media, what they're putting out there. So that is what we feel very strongly that that is not who we are in Clear Creek ISD."

The group wants an independent investigation and the creation of a parent advisory committee. Clear Creek ISD says it will make both of those things happen.