Parents concerned over meth claims at day care

Parents are outraged after they were notified on Monday that several children came into contact with crystal methampetamine last week at a day care center in Baytown. A woman, whose son is being blamed for bringing the drug to the day care center, spoke with FOX 26 News. Her four-year-old son was taken away from on Friday but she said he was tested for the drug on the same day and the results came back negative.

"Both of my kids tests came back negative, both of them, neither one of them had drugs in their system," said Jamie Hughey, a parent at Baytown Head Start Center.

According to Baytown Head Start, an unknown substance was found in a child's backpack on Thursday. Hughey said her child is being blamed for giving it to that student, and at this point in time, she said the only evidence they have is from a 4-year-old girl.

"The child said my child gave it to her. They are four year old kids. They could say anything, they're four."
And that is why Hughey said she is most upset. "I'm most upset that my kids got removed and her kids are still at home with her."

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services confirms there is an ongoing investigation happening with several children at the day care. Hughey said although her children tested negative for the drug, she said CPS will not give her custody of her children until her test results come back negative as well.

"I'm sure that's coming back negative and hopefully after that all of this will be done."

A statement was released by Baytown Head Start on Monday which states parents were not notified for several days about the incident so that the investigation would not be compromised.

"It happened on Thursday , at 3 o'clock when the mom said that the drugs were found in the child's backpack," said Hughey. "That's when this note or phone calls or whatever should have been going out."

Child Protective Services said they can't release any information on the case at this time. The day care released nothing but the statement saying there is an ongoing investigation happening.

If Hughey's test results come back negative, she will be given custody of her children. But the question of how the crystal meth got into the one student's backpack is still under investigation.