Paralyzed U.S. veteran needs help making home wheelchair accessible

62-year-old Army Veteran has been hospitalized for almost 3 years but can't go home due to his wheelchair.

When he was a young man 62-year-old Carlton Brooks joined the Army.

"He signed his life to Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam told him if you ever need me just call and I'll be there for you," said Carlton's sister Stephanie Brooks.

But Brooks feels like Uncle Sam has turned his back on him.

What's more, fate has been harsh to the veteran.

On July 3, 2017, he was the victim of a hit and run accident on Jensen at Sumpter.

A black suburban jumped the curb and hit Brooks sending him airborne.

"My neck was broke and I couldn't move my arms," Carlton Brooks said.

"They never could find the person that did it, as a result, it paralyzed him," Carlton's sister said. "He's been in the hospital almost three years."

That's right Brooks has been at the VA hospital just two months shy of 3 years.

He's paralyzed and doctors at the VA say there's nothing more they can do for him.

"They wanted me to go to a nursing home," Brooks said. "I said I didn't want to go to no nursing home." 

He was so adamant about not going to a nursing home Brooks bought a home last month with the help of the VA.

He's yet to see the house he bought and he's unable to move into it because it's not wheelchair accessible.

It won't fit through the bathroom door.

"There's a tub in there when really he needs a walk-in shower," his sister said.

Brooks is eligible for a grant but it could take 6 months or more to make the nodded modifications.

He's hoping someone will step up to help get him home.

"I need to be home," Carlton Brooks said.

"I need to be out so I can get stronger. He just really needs to come home," his sister Stephanie said.