Only on FOX: Teen victim of domestic violence takes a stand

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A battered and bruised teenager from Pasadena is hoping to help victims of domestic violence with a video she posted on Facebook because she’s a recent victim herself.

              Miranda Terral, 19, didn’t know October is Domestic Violence Awareness month when she posted the video just days after claiming she got beat up by the man she loved.               Now she’s hoping her story can help other victims of abuse get out of a dangerous relationship.

              Posting the 10-minute long video to Facebook, with a black eye and busted lip, is a turning point Terral. In the video she says “Once this happens to someone that person will continue to hurt you,” adding she was “blinded by love.”  “If I could just help one person that's all I was aiming to do,” she said in an exclusive FOX 26 interview.

But it was Miranda who needed help this past weekend while at her mom's house in Pasadena. “I only remember one hit, like one close fisted hit.  I screamed.  I remember seeing blood and I freaked out,” she said.

Her fiance, 19-year-old Armando Garcia -- together on-and-off for 7 years -- is now behind bars charged with assault on a family member.  “I am more afraid of him that I've ever been afraid of anything,” she said.  Terral claims it wasn't the first time he's been abusive.   “Once he was angry that's all it took he would put me down call me names tell me I wasn't worth anything,” said Terral.

And she believed it. Every word. Until now.  And she wants everyone to know it saying in the video “I can hardly talk without it hurting, but I’m strong.  Only now do I know my true worth.”   “It made me realize that even through the bumps  and bruises, even the black eyes and busted lips I am a beautiful person and every single person out there going through this they are too,” she said.

The first person by her side after the assault was her mother -- a victim of domestic abuse herself.  “Once I heard my mom's voice… this is what's going to break me.  I heard my mom's voice and I couldn't let my mom see me this way because my mom went through this. I should've been the one smarter,” said Terral.

While Miranda regrets not leaving the relationship  sooner, she takes solace knowing her story can help others.  “The love that you have in your heart for the person that is hurting you is not worth the pain that they can cause you… the physical pain and emotional pain the mental pain it's not worth it,” she said.

Terral has a restraining order against Garcia, who is being held on $5,000 bond and due in court October 7th.