Online tool helping mothers find baby formula across the country

The baby formula continues to plague the nation with parents becoming increasingly desperate to find food for their little one. Now, a local mom is stepping up in a big way.

The Biden administration says they are working on additional shipment of infant formula from abroad, and baby formula manufacturer Abbott reopened its factory. But experts say we won’t see relief until maybe mid-July.

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The fact that some parents can’t feed their babies didn’t sit well with Marcela Young- a young mother from Houston.

"Some parents are down to their last can, it is overwhelming. I can’t handle it and that’s what fuels me to help with this," said Young.

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She used the online mapping tool, Proxi, to create an interactive map. Users can highlight their need for baby formula or breast milk with their location and contact information.

On the flip side, you can also post locations where milk banks or stores with formula are being sold.

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The map reaches all parts of the nation. Gina Garcia Aguilar from Minnesota was able to help strangers.

"Even if it is just like going to my local Walgreens or CVS or something and trying to find this formula. I have sent out some formula to different people in different parts of the country," said Aguilar. "I look at all of my friends and family members who are in that situation and are really desperate for formula. I will do anything I can to help. Absolutely."

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What started off as a small project, now has more than 3,700 points with people needing or offering help.

"That is probably the biggest challenge is just finding time. There are so many people that need help, and there’s only one of me. But the more people that know about the map, the more people can help," said Young.

To find the map, click here.