Nurse charged in hospital sexual assault, told patient it was 'therapeutic'

A Houston Police Department investigation into a Houston Methodist Hospital nurse has resulted in sexual assault charge against him.

Allen Michael Uribes, 27, is charged with the felony offense based on an encounter reported on June 30, 2016 by a patient who told a female medical staff member and police that he violated her while she was lying on a hospital bed. She told police that Uribes referred to the assault as "therapeutic."

Uribes was charged following a forensic DNA examination report from Feb. 24.

Houston Methodist Hospital released the following statement on Thursday afternoon:

After learning about the indictment, we immediately terminated the employee. We are devastated by this news and our hearts go out to the patient and her family. We fully cooperated with authorities during the investigation and we remain steadfast in our goal to keep all patients safe while they are in our hospitals.