Nurse caught on tape mistreating 2-year-old with rare disorder

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Noah Fuller has a condition called Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Less than 900 people in the world have been diagnosed with it.While some of the nurse’s actions caught on tape would upset any parent his disability makes it even more disturbing.

“As a father I’m supposed to protect my child and I came home to this,” said Matthew Fuller, Noah’s dad. “It’s broken my heart.”

Matthew and Lynda Fuller say 2-year-old Noah didn’t seem himself when they returned from a week on vacation.

Because of his disorder, Noah is small for his age, has vision problems , very sensitive hands and feet, and rarely cries or makes any sound at all.

“Everything is more heightened for him,” Fuller said.

“There are signs on every entrance to our house that let everyone know that we have 24-hour video and audio surveillance,” said Lynda Fuller.

But the Fullers say that didn’t stop the licensed nurse they hired to watch Noah from mistreating him. The couple went through 76 hours of video.

“I’m thankful I have it because I would not have known this was going on on the other side of my house,” Lynda Fuller said.

In a two and a half hour period, the couple says the nurse hit Noah 106 times.

“I’ve never hit my child, how can she do that,” Noah’s mom said. “She actually pulls his hair numerous times.”

While the nurse knows not to grab Noah by the feet and hands, she’s seen doing that over and over again.

“The detective that was reviewing the video said it was almost like somebody taking a lighter and heating it up and repeatedly burning him,” Matthew Fuller said.

In addition to calling the College Station Police Department, the Fullers also shared the videos with the agency that employs the nurse.

“They reviewed the videos with me and they fired her,” Lynda Fuller said.

We called the nurse to get her comment on the tapes, but so far we’ve heard nothing back.

In addition to the on- going police probe, the state’s nursing board and adult protective services, due to the child’s disability are also investigating.