Northeast Houston home given to refugee family

A family hoping to make Houston home can now do just that thanks to a special gift. They are now moving into a brand-new house in northeast Houston.
The Vergenie family escaped Tanzania and are now not only seeking safety in Houston, but thanks to some big-hearted Houstonians, the Vergenie’s have a beautiful new home.

Getting keys to their brand-new house in Houston is something this African refugee family that fled Tanzania has dreamed of. 

"There was a war going on over there," explains 17-year-old Jean Claude Vergenie, the oldest of five children.

The family is now safe and not only have refuge in Houston, but also their own home.
"I’m very excited to receive this home," saidNsaguye None, who is moving into the house with his wife and five children.


"It also means a lot to me because we grew up living in apartments, and we never lived in an actual house," 17-year-old Jean Claude adds. 

More than 100 volunteers with Zurvita Giving held fundraisers and partnered with Houston Habitat for Humanity to build the Vergenie's house for the mom, dad, four daughters and one son. The 1,200 square foot home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

"A big part of the American dream is to own your own home and for me growing up when we were able to get our first home, that was so big," says Shelly Alley, who is Vice President of Zurvita Giving Ministry Services.

"I like the whole house, but mostly the living room. (Because everybody can gather there?) Yes," answers the matriarch Niyibitanga Vergenie.