North Harris County residents pack meeting to complain about noisy business

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"We know they can be good neighbors," said Sam Damico.

But The Chateau Cocomar  is anything but a good neighbor say those who live in the shadows of the big beautiful castle located in Champions. It's a venue known for lavish parties and weddings. Nearby residents say sometimes the noise is unbearable.

"The bass notes will rattle my windows," Damico said.

Professional pyrotechnics are common at the venue. Sometimes nearby residents say they feel like they're living in a war zone.

"In fact there were several people that did call the sheriff and 911 to say hey there's a shooting in the neighborhood because that's exactly what they thought," said Bill Millwee.

Residents also say all the trash from the events have caused a huge rat problem. 

Of course we contacted the business to tell them we wanted to hear their side of the story but no one from Chateau Cocomar took us up on that offer.

Leslie Millwee says she's tried to talk to the business owners about her complaints and concerns.

"I was rudely told when I finally did get in touch with them I need to contact their attorney or their attorney would be in contact with me and I never heard from them," Millwee said.

Dozens of fed up residents met with local and state officials Tuesday night. The fire marshals office reminded residents fireworks are legal in unincorporated Harris County and the business gets the necessary permits.

Chateau Cocomar has apparently agreed to not have firework displays after 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
But there's many issues still unresolved so the battle between the business and nearby residents is far from being over.