Non-surgical treatments for urinary incontinence

Incontinence can be hard to talk about, but a local woman is so happy with her rejuvenation procedures, she's putting aside embarrassment to help others.

Tia Neyman has been undergoing rejuvenation below the waist at Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa in Houston.

"This is not an issue that you're going to go skipping down the street talking about if you're a lady, it's a very private issue," she states. 

Tia is talking about pelvic floor tightening. One in four women suffers from the loosening of walls that hold the bladder in place. Until now, there have been few options to fix the problem.

"We were treating with outpatient surgery with mesh devices but that has come out of favor, so for now, women who suffer a pelvic floor problem from hormones or aging, they start to suffer with this problem," says Dr. Marcel Thomson, a Gynecologist and Medical Director of Renew Body Contouring and Medspa.

There is only one device approved by the Food and Drug Administration to relieve stress incontinence, and it's available at Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa. "Viveve" involves a procedure using a wand that is inserted with radio-frequency.  It delivers pulses of energy and remodels collagen, tightening the pelvic floor.

Tia is a professional ballerina and former figure skater and athletes do often suffer severe symptoms. It was interfering with her romance.

"We had over a year when intimacy was just cuddling, and if you like your spouse, that's not enough.  We've been married 25 years, so I really like my spouse," laughs Tia.

That's why Tia is undergoing multiple procedures to address the problems. "I did the O-shot, multiple injections."

Yes, injections, but she says numbing cream helped reduce any pain.  The O-Shot uses growth factors from blood plasma to relieve stress incontinence and dryness. While she was at it, she underwent a third procedure called ThermiVa.  It's not like the O-shot, it's equipment that addresses the exterior of a lady's private parts.

Tia's husband is thrilled with how the procedures have enhanced their marriage. "Quite honestly, I was skeptical when she did it but the results were very positive. It has made a nice positive impact on our relationship, I think we've benefitted from it every much," says Jempy Neyman.

Many things can cause incontinence and dryness from childbirth to cancer treatments and aging. Dr. Thompson says these procedures can enhance a woman's quality of life. They're able to enjoy their activities, run, jump, enjoy their kids, without the embarrassment or the possibility of having an incident, drastically change the outcome for many women! 

Even though the latest procedure is FDA approved, it's considered to be an elective surgery, so insurance companies and Medicare won't pay for it.  Some of the treatments start at $500 and go up to $3,000.  Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa says they do offer financing options, to help their clients.

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