No bond for Arturo Solis, charged with capital murder of Houston police officer Sgt. Christopher Brewster

Arturo Solis was arrested Saturday for the murder of Houston police officer Sgt. Christopher Brewster. Mr. Solis did not appear Sunday morning in a Probable Cause Court hearing Sunday morning. He will appear in court on Monday.  Facts of the case were read into the court records. 

Transcript of the reading:  Mr. Solis is charged with felony offense of capital murder of a police officer.
On Dec. 7, 2019, at 17:47 hours Houston Police Department Eastside patrol Sgt. C. Brewster responded to a call for service at 7143 Avenue I, Houston, Harris County TX  in reference to an assault that had just occurred, that the caller witnessed.
Alyssa Gonzalez reported, the defendant, her boyfriend, Arturo Solis assaulted her and was armed with two handguns. Upon arrival to the area Sgt. Brewster located the defendant walking on the 7400 block of Avenue L with the witness following behind him.
As Sgt. Brewster exited his patrol vehicle, the witness pointed out the defendant and stated, "that's who you are looking for." Sgt Brewster called out to the defendant, who unprovoked raised a handgun with his right hand and fired the weapon at him multiple times.
At the time he was shot, Sgt. Brewster did not have his weapon drawn. He was simply trying to get the defendant's attention. Sgt. Brewster fell to the ground and relayed the defendant's description via police radio as he fled the scene on foot. Responding officers provided first aid to Sgt. Brewster and canvassed the area for the defendant. 
The defendant was located by responding officers on the property of  DeZavala Elem school at 7521 Ave H, where he was attempting to avoid capture. The defendant was still in possession of a handgun at the time . . .   (unintelligible) . . . guarded the weapon as he observed police presence. The defendant was taken into custody without further incident...and made multiple res gestae statements indicating he shot Sgt. Brewster.
(Editor's Note: Res Gestae means "things done" in Latin. The dictionary definition: the acts, facts, circumstances, statements, or occurrences that form the environment of a main act or event and especially of a crime and are so closely connected to it that they constitute part of a continuous transaction and can serve to illustrate its character. In other words, it is a condition that allows for secondhand statements considered trustworthy for the purpose of admission as evidence in court when repeated by a witness because they were made spontaneously and concurrently with an event.)
An additional firearm was recovered from the area where Sgt brewster had been shot. (and the slide of the weapon was locked tp the rear).
The caliber of the weapon 9mm also matched bullet casings recovered from the shooting scene.
The entire incident was captured on Sgt. Brewster's Bodyworn cam.
Sgt. Brewster was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced deceased as the result of multiple gunshot wounds.
Special investigation units Sgt R Bass and Detective  L Lopez interrogated suspect after advising him of his statutory rights.
Defendant stated he was involved in a domestic disturbance with the witness prior to Sgt. Brewster's arrival.
Defendant acknowledged he was aware Sgt. Brewster was a police officer and confessed he shot him in order to avoid arrest.
The defendant admitted he was in possession of two contacted by Sgt Brewster.
The defendant confessed he discarded the murder weapon near the shooting scene and surrendered the remaining handgun while being taken into custody.
The Defendant described Sgt Brewster as non-threatening, did not have his weapon drawn and was waving both hands when he shot him.
Judge:  I do find probable cause for further detention exists. His case is assigned to the 182nd district court. The judge in that court is Judge Danilo Lacayo
Setting Bond at No bond.