NJ photographer posts photo of transgender girl to take a stand against NC bathroom bill

Meg Bitton, a New Jersey photographer, has taken a stand against North Carolina’s controversial ‘bathroom bill’ requiring transgender men and women to use the restroom corresponding to their birth gender, by sharing a photo of a 14-year-old transgender girl named Corey Maison on April 26.

Corey was born with male genitalia, but identifies as female, and the photo shows her with flowing blonde hair and wearing heavy makeup.

In a comment alongside the post, Bitton asks, “If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men’s bathroom? Neither would I.”

Those commenting under the photo were largely supportive of Bitton’s stand.

One wrote, “Corey is beautiful and if she were my daughter I would fight for her rights.” Another wrote, “I for one have no issue whatsoever with transgenders using the bathroom that correlates with the gender that they identify with. Everyone has the right to use a bathroom.”