New superintendent not new to Katy ISD

KATY, Texas (FOX 26) — If the Katy Independent School District was a ship, it would be difficult to turn it around. It's that big, but the new boss has no intention of changing course.

"The future for us is to continue the path we're on," said newly-selected Katy ISD superintendent Kenneth Gregorski. "The uniqueness of stepping into the role from deputy superintendent is that we continue the work we are doing."

Gregorski moves into the job, replacing Dr. Lance Hindt who left after a string of bullying accusations surfaced. For many years, Gregorski and Hindt worked together in several different school districts.

The Katy ISD Board of Trustees was split over whether or not to conduct a national search for the next superintendent. The board decided to hire from within and there was just one applicant — Gregorski. He will make $300,000 per year, which is less than his predecessor because he's a first-time superintendent. Some people are criticizing the hiring process.

"I feel the community doesn't know him," said Sean Dolan. "So there's a lot of questions. And to the lack of transparency, that makes this more difficult to get on board with him."

Gregorski is aware of this and plans to meet the matter head on.

"That boils down to getting out with the public and getting to know them better," added Gregorski. He plans to let the public know he has been in education for 26 years, has worked for Katy ISD on two occasions, that his wife is a teacher, and that two of the 80,000+ students in the district are his children.

"As a parent, I want what every parent wants and we are going to deliver on that," said Gregorski.