New parking opens at Hobby airport

The new garage, which is located directly to the west of the existing covered parking structure, will have a partial opening with approximately 900 spaces expected to become available to the traveling public.  Once fully constructed, the completed facility will offer the full inventory of 3,000 spaces, while also giving customers access to a number of attractive new features.

When approaching the new garage, drivers will find a more direct entry into the building. Once inside, clear, simple signage with integrated car counts will enable drivers to know how many spaces are available in a given direction. Some special features travelers can expect with the new garage is a guidance system that shows open spaces using single-stall overhead LED indicators; ramps that are 30-feet wide, whereas a typical highway is 24 feet wide; and vehicular bridges between the new and existing garages at every level to minimize the time it takes to find an available space.

“This new parking garage will not only address the capacity needs associated with the unprecedented growth being experienced at Hobby Airport but it will also represent a significant customer service enhancement,” says Wadsworth.  “With an air-conditioned walkway and user-friendly space locator system, the new garage will offer guests a comfortable and efficient parking experience.”