New hope for patients with macular degeneration

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Macular degeneration is a progressive eye disease that often robs people of their vision. Dr. Julio Arroyo with Eye Health Consultants of Texas says his patients are seeing clearly again, some of them for the first time in a decade.

Gene says she has slowly been losing her eyesight from macular degeneration over the last fifteen years. She could no longer drive and her quality of life was going downhill. 

"I couldn't distinguish between dark blue, brown, and black," explains Gene. "A lot of the colors were just faded - like a marker you underline your books with. The blue flowers in my yard were either, I couldn't see them, or they were pale, almost white."  

Gene was going through this tough time with one of her friends, who also has macular degeneration. She was shocked to find out he was seeing better after seeking a non-invasive treatment from Dr. Arroyo. That's when she decided it would be worth traveling from Bellville to Houston to find out if she's a candidate. 

"My plan was not to go blind -- that was the basic plan," says Gene.         

What was causing her problem? The macula, in the retina, controls 90 percent of vision. Dr. Arroyo says cells are supposed to repair the macula and make it new every two days. When that stops happening, vision is lost. 

"We make cells constantly and in order to make them we need oxygen, water, raw materials including fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and energy, the right form and information -- if one of those is missing, that's when we start having trouble," explains Dr. Arroyo.        

That's why Dr. Arroyo developed a protocol called M-SHARP, which stands for Microcurrent Stimulation Holistic Alternative Retina Program. 

"The treatment protocol consists of three different parts," adds Dr. Arroyo. "One is epigenetics, methylation, that means we look at the bio-chemistry by looking at the genes that control the replication of cells, so having that information, we can actually design and personalize nutritional approach with very targeted nutraceuticals, then we look at the energy part of things, and we use two to three different energy medicine devices that provide the energetic information, that the cells need to correct."

"Energy medicine" has been proven effective in Europe for decades, and is just making its way to the U.S.         

Gene says she started seeing more clearly only a few days after treatment.  

"Everything is better," says Gene with a smile. "I'm more social, more active, both in and out of the house. I read more. I had gotten to where I skimmed things, because it was so difficult to read and I had to use a magnifying glass. Now I can read."

No more magnifying glass! Gene's eyes are magnifying everything for her. Dr. Arroyo says he's also helping patients with diabetic eye disease with a similar treatment.        

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