New details in mass murder investigation

New information about the mass murder in northwest Harris County that took the lives of a couple and six children has been released. Specifics about the involvement CPS had with the kids, their mother, and their alleged killer. According to court documents, child protective services petitioned to remove the kids from their mother back in 2013.The case worker at the time writing "the mother's lack of control and parenting skills places the children in immediate danger. “The paperwork paints a tumultuous home shared by Jackson her then lover, the now alleged mass murder suspect David Conley and the six kids.

In late 2011, there were complaints that the children were physical abused. In later interviews, one of the children told an investigator he gets whooped all the time for things he doesn't even know about. In October 2012, there were more reports that she would often leave the children home alone, and if she was home, the children weren't supervised. At that time, the youngest child was three years old, and the oldest was 10.