New conditions for Texas clerk accused of selling MD 20/20 to teen involved in deadly crash

The convenience store clerk who was arrested in Humble Sunday night had his first court hearing Tuesday morning, where Harris County District Attorney's officials read his probable cause in front of a judge. 

29-year-old Gumaro Munoz Campos is accused of selling four bottles of MD 20/20 to 17-year-old Jaggar Smith, without checking the minor's driver's license.

Investigators said a few hours after Smith purchased the alcohol, he crashed into a tree and killed two Atascocita High School teens-- Chloe Robison and Salma Gomez. Both 16-year-olds were passengers in the vehicle.

On Tuesday, a judge set new conditions for Campos' bond. Campos will not be allowed to work at any place that sells alcohol and will also not be allowed to consume alcohol. 

The Harris County District Attorney's Office said selling alcohol to a minor is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable with up to a one year in prison and up to a $4,000 fine.

DA's officials said a TABC investigation revealed that Campos had sold alcohol to minors before and had a reputation of being the guy underage drinkers could go to. He was apparently known as "Romeo" according to other minor's statements to investigators.

Campos worked at a Valero Handi Stop on FM 1960 in Humble. Investigators said the store had one prior violation in 2012, in which Campos was also cited then for selling alcohol to a minor.