Netflix series 'From Scratch' is Houston woman's real-life love story

A super successful show on Netflix called 'From Scratch' is based on a Houston family. It's a real-life love story about an American woman and an Italian man that is certainly worth watching. Have you seen it?

It’s been one of the most-watched shows on Netflix for weeks now.

"I have to pinch myself," says Houston’s own Gene Locke who may feel like he’s dreaming as his two daughters, Attica and Tembi, enjoy great success with their show. The Netflix series is based on a story Tembi not only wrote a book about but also lived.

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"I’m glad she had the strength to tell it. Tembi’s book 'From Scratch' has been made into this Netflix series, and it has taken off. It has touched the hearts and the emotions of so many people across the world," Locke says.

If Gene Locke seems familiar, it’s because before being known as Tembi and Attica’s dad, "I had the distinction of being City Attorney under Mayor Lanier, which was a wonderful experience. I served as a County Commissioner on an interim basis after the death of El Franco Lee," Locke explains.

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The Netflix show about love, life obstacles, and family, is the work of the two Houston sisters who graduated from Alief Hastings High School.

"Attica was front and center as the Show Runner and Executive Producer," says Locke. As the proud father tells us, Attica is also an author and worked on the show Empire, among others. "Interestingly enough in the same summer (2021) both of my daughters had number one bestsellers on the New York Times list and that’s special".

When watching the Netflix series you’ll see some touches of Houston sprinkled about. "The family is not the Locke family, it’s the Wheeler family, named after Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church," Locke explains.

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He enjoyed a front-row seat, that took him all the way to Italy as ‘From Scratch’ was shot. "My wife Aubrey and I were in Florence this past summer when the filming took place".

Locke is portrayed in the Netflix series by actor Keith David. "He actually took the time to call people in Houston to learn things about me that he could use in his portrayal, which shows he’s an ultimate professional and I thought he did a great job".

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From Scratch, without any spoilers, will have you binge-watching it before you know it.

"It’s a touching story, and it’s a heartwarming story. It touches on hope. It touches on grief. It touches on love. It touches on loss. It touches on recovery," says Locke.

This Thanksgiving, Locke hopes 'From Scratch' will not only be entertaining for families but also a learning lesson. "Understanding that relationships are fragile and nothing is permanent and as you move through life try to get the best out of every situation and be resilient enough to fight back and come back," and most of all, he says, value family.