Neither red nor blue but 'petty' wave among elected judges

With the midterm elections behind us, it appears we are being overrun by petty judges showing their true colors after being voted out of office.

Public defenders and the Harris County District Attorney confirm that a juvenile court judge, angered at not being re-elected, indiscriminately released several juvenile offenders after asking them if they would kill someone. 

In family court on Friday, newly-elected Judge Angela Graves Harrington says she went to visit outgoing Judge Charlie Prine to discuss the transition. She says that when she approached the bench, Judge Prine essentially told her to get the hell out of his courtroom and that if she comes back, he would pursue trespassing charges. FOX 26 News tried to contact Judge Prine's office on Friday but did not get a response.

Harrington describes the altercation in an interview with Isiah Carey.