Neighbors recognized Pappas from surveillance video

Court documents provide insight into how police identified Joseph James Pappas as the suspect in the murder of Dr. Mark Hausknecht.

It was two neighbors that called police after seeing surveillance video of Pappas riding his bike.

While the crime is shocking, the fact that those two women called police comes as no surprise to Larry Bush.

"It doesn't really surprise me that people are up on stuff, notice something out of the ordinary and call the police," Bush says.

The court document reveal even more information. A mother and daughter in Ohio, family friends of the Pappas family, grew concerned and asked police do to a welfare check.  They were worried he would kill himself. Inside the home, police found a piece of metal positioned to barricade the front door. They found no other furniture, save a chair positioned to look out the front. They found a draft police report for a stolen bicycle. Inside the garage, police found a sedan with the back seat removed and three boxes of .22 ammo. They also found his last will and testament.

Back out on Stillbrooke, there's no joy in how it ended, just relief it did with no with no more innocent blood shed.

"You always have that in the back of your mind cause if he did what he did, or is accused of doing, there is no telling what he'd do," said Bush.