Neighborhood terrorized by pack of wild dogs

Chloe is usually a pretty happy go-lucky dog, but the white mixed-breed can't do much right now except lie around. Her deep wounds on her hind legs are raw  and angry. They aren't healing.

"It's gotten deeper. It's gotten worse. Worse, worse," said owner Diana Garcia.

One night last week, seven stray dogs dragged Chloe from her yard and tried to kill her. Neighbors broke up the attack, but the damage was done. The people here say this attack on Chloe was not the first.

"They've been running wild for a while now. They did attack another dog in the neighborhood and broke its leg," said neighbor Rick Geers.

She took a picture of some of the strays a few days ago. She's called animal control but did they show up? Maybe, maybe not she says.

"We don't know. I reached out to my council woman and they sent someone from the dog pound out here. They said they'd be coming out every night or try to, but these dogs are smart," said Gonzalez.

We never saw them ourselves, but everyone in the neighborhood near Old Yale and Crosstimbers knows about them.

As for Chloe, Gonzalez took her to get medical help. They gave her pain meds and antibiotics and referred her to an emergency vet she simply can't afford. She hopes and prays that Chloe recovers, and the dogs that turn on her don't turn on people.

"It's terrifying," said Gonzalez.

Animal control says they picked up one of the pack dogs yesterday. Today they showed up and captured two more.