Neighbor speaks about helping mother of infant killed in Pearland

It was at the Retreat at Shadow Creek Ranch apartment complex where the incident of domestic violence took a deadly turn. The mother and father were having an argument over the phone, when the father allegedly tried to drown the couple's 2-month-old son.

Tristan Edwards, 26, is in a jail cell in Brazoria County, charged with injury to a child, a first degree felony.

According to court documents, it was on September 18 when Edwards held his infant son’s face, also named Tristan, under running water. When Tristan’s mom tried to stop him, Edwards forcefully threw the baby into an empty bathtub causing trauma to the baby’s head, court documents say.

That’s when Tristan’s mom ran down the hall for help, in a panic, leaving her 10-year-old daughter behind.

Raven, her neighbor, who was expecting a friend to arrive didn’t realize what she was about to face.

“I was already expecting a knock on the door, but instead of that it ended up being one of my neighbors a few doors down screaming that her boyfriend had drowned her baby,” Raven says.

Raven quickly let Tristan’s mom in and called police. She tried to run to the apartment to grab the 10-year-old, but she tells us she was confronted by Edwards, and they fought in the hall.

“I was able to get on top of him and he said he was just playing, to let him up," she says. "So I freaked out, so I ended up letting him go, and attempted to go get the other child, And he got up and ran with me but he ended up passing me up and going into the apartment and locking the door behind himself.“ 

Police arrested Edwards that night. The only thing that remains from that day is a beat down front door, and a rose that Raven placed at the entrance. “I was blaming myself at first so I go down there to my neighbor’s door and I put the rose there to let him know like I tried.”

She is hoping that justice comes for baby Tristan.

“I really want him to do some time because not only did he affect the mother and the daughter, but he also affected me and I’m now seeking counseling to cope with the things that I had to see and endure in that moment trying to help the lady and the daughter," she says.

We spoke to baby Tristan's family. They say they aren't ready to speak about what happened and want everyone to know they are asking for prayers at this time.

As for the current charges Edwards faces, they may be upgraded pending the outcome of the investigation.