NCAA has new rules for agents, leaves some upset

The NCAA has issued new rules for agents. In a memo sent out on Monday, the NCAA outlined new criteria for agents wanting to represent players with hopes of making it to the NBA.

The requirements include:

The agent must have a bachelors degree, certified with NBPA for a minimum of three years and taken in person exam at the NCAA offices in Indianapolis. 

Many have responded on social media calling it the "Rich Paul Rule." Rich Paul is the the super agent to NBA greats LeBron James, Draymond Green, Ben Simmons and more. Paul does not have a bachelors degree and has been able to make major moves with players, including his longtime friend LeBron James. Many players have responded on social media. 

Some are speculating this comes on the heels of Rich Paul convincing top 2019 draft prospect Darius Bazley to take a three month $1 million internship with company New Balance as oppose to going into his rookie season in college. Most recently, Bazley was drafted by the NBA and is now playing for the Oklahoma Thunder. 

The NCAA has responded with a statement: