Musicians from Carolinas in Houston for festival as Florence threatens their homes

Musicians from Charleston, South Carolina, and other parts of the mid-Atlantic region are in Houston during the weekend for the Colour of Music Festival as Hurricane Florence threatens their homes.

The staff and performers are finding comfort in what they love most.

"I don’t want to obsess over something I can’t control," said Enid Idelsohn, director of operations with Colour of Music. "So, I’d rather just be here in the moment."

"I don’t know what's going to happen but we have insurance," added Gia McKenzie, a volunteer with the festival. "I have hope that all will be well." McKenzie also said she arrived in Houston on Wednesday and was able to prepare her home in downtown Charleston for the hurricane's impact. 

Lee Pringle, the founder of the festival, did not. He arrived in Houston a week ago. However, he said it's his family he is most worried about.

"I’m a little nervous only because my mother is there, my brother and all my extended family," explained Pringle. "I had to leave because I had to be here early for the festival."

The weather did change and disrupt some travel plans.

"So many of my staff members couldn’t come because the airport closed early," said Pringle. However, it won’t disrupt the festival, the first of its kind ever in Houston.

"Everybody had to find ways to work around all the weather disturbances and it’s just a blessing that at this juncture we have everybody safe and sound," Pringle told FOX 26 News.

The musicians said it also helps being in Houston as they worry about loved ones back home.

McKenzie added that things were tense in Charleston when she left but there is also the sense that Charlestonians are resilient because they dealt with Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Now, what they worry most about is when they'll be able to return home.

The performances will take place at the University of Houston.