Multiple domestic violence homicides in Greater Houston area in several days

Sitting in her living room, Chau Nguyen, who works for the Houston Area Women’s Center, talks about all they have to offer.

“The most dangerous time to leave is when a victim decides to leave, so it is so important to have some sort of safety plan in place and that’s where the Houston Area Women’s Center and other agencies like ours, is here to help,” says Nguyen.

On Saturday, the Harris County Sheriff's Office was called out to the 6200 block of East Sam Houston Parkway, when they say Sofia Martinez had been stabbed to death inside her apartment. Her common law husband Felix Ruiz suffered a self-inflicted stab wound to the throat. He has since survived and was charged with murder.

On Friday, police were called out to the 900 block of Elton where they found a woman stabbed to death by her husband, who was taken in for questioning.

At about 10 p.m. Friday in Galveston County, police say Anthony White shot his wife and step daughter. The wife survived and her daughter did not.

Back on July 24, cell phone video was captured by someone who witnessed a man pushing a choking a woman who was pushing a stroller.

Nguyen says these instances happen far too often and that it is always important to have a backup plan in place.

“Things like where is your passport. Do you have somebody to turn to? Is your phone in hand, where the kids going, planning for those things. Is there a gun in the house? Are you in a place where you can go safely and escape safely all of those things and entail safety planning,” Nguyen says.

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