Mourners gather at vigil for Houston veterinarian

Flowers, candles, cards and pictures lay outside the doors of the Montrose Veterinary Clinic, the same doors Valerie McDaniel walked through for more than 18 years taking care of pets and their owners.

"We've had people send us food all week, flowers, cookies, notes, phone calls, people just stopping by to give us hugs," says Dr. Catherine Powell. "I think the hardest thing is when the clients have come back in since the first time Monday and they just need a hug." Powell was hired 15 years ago by McDaniel right out of school.

"It was a shock to everyone," says Powell. "It's just not anything of her nature and I think that the people that knew her, knew that and I think that's why we've had so much support."

Rachel Clements arrived to the vigil with three of her Yorkies to show support for the family.

"We are just heartsick, heartbroken for them and I hope that they know we are thinking about them", says Clements.

Just a few days ago, McDaniel committed suicide. She had posted a $50,000 dollar bond just a few days prior.

McDaniel and her boyfriend, Leon Phillip Jacob, were both arrested earlier in March for allegedly trying to hire a hitman with the intent to kill her ex-husband and his ex-girlfriend. The person they believed was a hitman was in fact an undercover law enforcement officer.

Dr. Powell says the veterinary clinic will continue to remain open and that the staff there are still grieving the loss of someone they were very close to.

"We just want people to know what an amazing woman she is and how many people she impacted over her time not only as a veterinarian, but as a friend, a mother, a mentor, she helped a lot of people out," says Dr. Powell.

Jacob is being held without bond because of previous stalking charges. We have been told Jacob's lawyer told him what happened, that he asked for permission to attend the funeral but that he was denied.