Mother says daughter, 14, was physically, sexually assaulted by classmates

“It makes me very uneasy and very nervous and scared for her but also for my son,” says a woman named Amanda. She says her 14-year-old daughter was physically and sexually assaulted right outside of their family home.

“She was assaulted by two boys in front of her home after school about 10 minutes after she got home and they knocked on the door and they asked her to come out and she was just thinking everything was going to be fine," Amanda said. "One boy had her in front of the driveway, excuse me, the garage and had her by a choke hold around her neck.”

Since, Amanda has called Cy-Fair ISD and the authorities, yet her daughter has still received threats over social media and at school. 

“Once they found out that we had filed a report, they reached out to people that know our daughter and they asked them or that person to take her beeping beeping beep,” Amanda said.

She also says, “there was an instance where a boy in one of her classes actually told her that they had been here before to gang rape her.”

As of Monday morning, Amanda’s request to have her daughter transferred to another school for safety precautions had not yet been met, but that afternoon the district called her to approve it. Still, Amanda says she wants to continue protecting her kids and says she hopes the boys doing this will leave her daughter alone.

Both the school district and the Harris County Sheriff's Office are investigating the allegations.