More than 100 elderly people saved from flooded asssted living facility

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More than 100 senior citizens were helped onto high water rescue trucks after their assisted living facility, Atria Cypresswood, flooded.

"They've got like 18 inches of water in the downstairs," said Kay Wilson. "They can't assess how much work will need to be done until the water is gone."

"Our guys are wearing just different hats," said Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman. "We're in the rescue mode versus fighting criminals."

The Pct. 4 Constable's Office, firefighters and members of the Champion Forest Baptist Church took their time rescuing the seniors and making them comfortable.

"They are very grateful and also a little bit fearful not totally understanding why they're having to be relocated," said Stephen Trammell, executive pastor at Champion Forest Baptist Church. "But they're so precious and sweet whenever they come here we get to love on them and you can see the relief in their eyes and just expressions of gratitude."

Assisted living centers, subdivisions and businesses are all feeling the brunt of Cypress Creek as it flows over its banks. Now the water is cresting making this water-soaked area even worse. But for now first responders and volunteers are putting the well being of these senior citizens first.

"I know it's disruptive for them so it's our job to make it as less disruptive as we can and keep them safe," said Constable Herman.